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Mission and History

Ner Tamid Congregation Greenspring Valley Synagogue is a Modern Orthodox synagogue located in an area of Northwest Baltimore/Pikesville that is the home of the area’s largest concentration of Orthodox Jews and synagogues. We are an inclusive, welcoming synagogue with a diverse population. Ner Tamid offers “Something for Everyone.”


Ner Tamid is led by a President of the synagogue, a Chairman of the Board, an Executive Committee, and a Board of Directors

Adam Klaff

Adam Klaff

Board of Directors

Chair: Gabrielle Burger
President: Adam Klaff
Vice-Chair: Deborah Hamburger
Vice-President: Aaron Polun
Treasurer: Avi Jandorf
Financial Secretary: Cindy Diamond
Recording Secretary: Deborah Schwartz
Corresponding Secretary: Dr. Arnold Goldberg


Business Manager: Henry Reitberger
Administrative Assistant: Rivkah Merville
Bookkeeper: Sarah Baum


Ner Tamid has an active sisterhood that hosts guest speakers and has an annual dinner. Visit the Ner Tamid calendar to view Sisterhood events.
  • Sisterhood Presidents:  Abby Sattell & Yael Goldstein
  • Co-President: Naomi Lazerow
Sisterhood 2013

Sisterhood 2013






Ner Tamid has an active brotherhood that plans frequent events and underwrites select programs, like the Ner Tamid Boy Scouts of America Troop 1299 scout flag. Visit the Ner Tamid calendar to view Brotherhood events.

  • Chairman: Bill Saks

Sefardi Minyan

Ner Tamid is the home of the Greenspring Sefardic Center, whose members follow the nusach and minhagim of Iran, the Magreb, and the Mizrachi world. For information, contact:
  • Rabbi: Rabbi Yehuda Khoshkeraman 410-358-4748
  • President: Dr. Javid Hariri 410-486-2829

OU Synagogue

Ner Tamid is a longtime member synagogue of the Orthodox Union.