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Gigi and the Purim Puppeteers present Purim follies

By: Sam Wach | February 24, 2014

Join us in Ner Tamid Youth groups as we experience a fun and exciting Purim Puppet show, in the hallway outside of room 11!

Children are invited to wear costumes.

Shabbos morning March 8, 2014 10:45 am




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Get Ready For Purim with Ner Tamid and the Traveling Chassidim!

By: Barry List | February 11, 2014

Shabbos, March 7 and 8, Parshas VaYikra

Get Ready For Purim with Ner Tamid and the Traveling Chassidim, a lively musical group of Belzer chassidim guaranteed to put  you in a Purim ruach and bring out your neshama yesera on Shabbos. The group will lead lively Friday night davening followed by a shul-wide dinner.

Join us for Friday night dinner: $16 per person and $1 per year of child under 12. A chassidic-style Oneg will follow dinner at 7:45 PM.

Register today for the Friday night dinner here.

For Seudat Shlishi there will be a special women’s program at the home of Roberta and Dr. Howard Kaplan, 62126 Lincoln Ave. at 5:35 P.M.

And make sure to be on hand Motzei Shabbos, March 8, 7:15 PM for a very special Havdallah service and kumzits with the unique musical group.

Download the traveling hasidim 2014 flyer.

Check out other events which are part of the weekend.

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Ner Tamid Young Families February 2014 Shabbos Lunch

By: Sam Wach | January 31, 2014

Join Ner Tamid Young Families, on February 22nd, for a delicious, catered Shabbos lunch and lecture.

The  featured speaker will be sought-after speaker and school psychologist, Elisheva Weinberger, speaking on the topic:

Behavior Management and Your Child

Cost will be $15 per adult, $1 per year for kids under 12. (Family Max $48)

Register using PayPal by clicking here.  Deadline February 15th

Children’s supervision will be provided during the speech

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Ner Tamid Family Skating

By: Sam Wach | January 3, 2014

Sunday February 23, 2014 4:30 – 7:30 pm

Must reserve in advance!  Pay with PayPal here

Sportman's Roller Center Logo

At Sportsman’s Hall at 15500 Hanover Pike, Upperco, MD 21155
Register by February 19, 2014

$9 Admission  (Includes a slice of Pizza and snacks) $3 Skate Rental

 For information contact Sam Wach 410-764-6241 or [email protected]

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Ner Tamid/NCSY Teen Minyan – March 8 with the Travelling Chasidim

By: Sam Wach | January 16, 2014

Ner Tamid/NCSY Teen Minyan

An interactive high-energy experience!

Shabbos mornings in the Bearman Chapel, 9:45 am
January 18, March 8, April 5, and May 3
Boys and Girls
Kiddush in room 7
For info: [email protected] or 410-764-6241

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Youth Gym Party – Rescheduled

By: Sam Wach | December 24, 2013

At Coppermine Fieldhouse at 1400 Coppermine Terrace
The event has been rescheduled to January 26, 2014 5 – 7 pm

This is a new date, which has been confirmed (our first new date had to be rescheduled, sorry about the confusion!)

If you already registered please send an email to [email protected] letting us know that you will still be participating as sonn as possible.  If you will not be coming on the new date please let us know so we can give your spot to others.  We will refund you reservation if you let us know of your change in plans by January 14, 2014.

There are two opening left for this program.  If you are registering now, we will close registration after you have submitted your form and it is confirmed. 

Click here to Register VERY LATE with PayPal

Pizza and snacks Included
Obstacle Course Rock Climbing for 7+ years
Pre-School — 8 grade
Home of Gerstung gym Trapeze
Pre-school students Exploration (soft shape room) Mini-gym (indoor jungle gym type climbing room) Locomotion rooms
Waiver must be completed by a parent or guardian, for any child to participate in the party.
For Information Contact [email protected] Samson Wach 410-764-6241

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Ner Tamid Tu B’Shvat Shabbos Lunch January 18, 2014

By: Sam Wach | January 2, 2014

$15 for Adults and Children over 12. $1/year for Children under 12.   $45 Family Max.

Everybody is welcome to this shul-wide event.

Registration is closed! 

See you on Shabbos!

If there are any food allergy concerns please send an email describing the concerns to [email protected].

Highlights include:

  • Aa special Tu B’Shvat Seder
  • The kid chefs serving a unique dessert
  • A discussion about planting our own Ner Tamid Fruit trees
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YACHAD Shabbaton – January 24 – 25, 2014

By: Sam Wach | December 30, 2013

We are excited to be hosting a YACHAD Shabbaton on January 24 – 25, 2014.  Yachad is the National Jewish Council for Disabilities.  Our shul is proud to host monthly activities for YACHAD and have our students participate as peers in YACHAD programs.  To learn more about YACHAD shabbatons please read YACHAD Shabbaton description.

Students in Middle School or Teens who would like to participate can contact Sam Wach at [email protected] or Mira Labovitz [email protected] by January 6, 2014.


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Shabbos January 4th, Ner Tamid Young Adults and Families Lunch

By: Sam Wach | December 25, 2013

$15 for Adults and Children over 12. $1/year for Children under 12.   $45 Family Max.  

The young adults and families group is comprised of young singles, couples and families that include early elementary school age children. Register using PayPal here

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Family Bingo Night

By: Barry List | December 24, 2013

Ner Tamid Sisterhood

Sunday, January 5

4:30-6 PM

Come join the Ner Tamid Sisterhood for bingo, snacks, and lots of fun, with prizes for every winner!

$10 per family, $5 for single adults

Pizza: $2/slice

Salad bar: $3

One bingo sheet per person, extra sheets: $3

Mail a check for bingo and your pizza/salad bar order to

Estelle Levitas

3031 Falstaff Rd

Unit 305C

Baltimore, MD 21209

Deadline: January 1

Include your name, number of people attending and your food order.

For additional  information contact

Naomi Lazerow 410-586-1316

Sonia Ostrow 410-358-3366

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