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Laws of Shabbos #159

We started discussing the some of the categories of Muktzah before Purim and we will now continue with a discussion of Muktzah Machmas Gufo. This is a category of Muktzah which cannot be moved for any purpose at all (unlike the category of Muktzah called Kli Shemilachto L’issur which can be moved if one needs its place or to move for a permitted use.)

An example of such an item would be a rock found outside. Since when Shabbos begins one has no intent of using this rock it is forbidden to move for any purpose.

A far more practical example would be raw food that needs to be cooked. Since one cannot cook the food on Shabbos, it is also Muktzah Machmas Gufo and one may not move it even if it is in the way of another food that one needs.

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