Vegetable Giving Garden This Sunday

Laws of Pesach #20

Tomorrow, Monday, April 10, chameitz cannot be eaten past 10:30 AM (all times are for 21209 area code). There is a Mitzvah to destroy one’s Chameitz on Erev Pesach. This should be done no later than 11:49 AM. (Contrary to popular belief, there is no Mitzvah to go to Dunkin Donuts on Erev Pesach.)

One must also nullify all Chameitz that they may have and are not aware of before 11:49 AM. One can do so by saying the following: “All chameitz and leaven that is in my possession that I have seen and not seen, that I have destroyed and not destroyed, that I know about and that I do not know about, shall be null and ownerless like the dust of the earth.” (This should be said even if one already nullified all chameitz the night before.)

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