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Laws of Pesach – Seder Night

Seder Night: Four Cups of WIne

One of the major themes of the seder is a celebration of our freedom. To demonstrate our freedom, the rabbis instituted the drinking of four cups of wine at the seder.

Ideally, the cups should be of a good wine. If one is concerned that the alcohol will affect them negatively or if they really dislike the taste of wine, they can drink a wine with a very low alcohol content. If that is challenging as well, one can use grape juice for the four cups.

The cup should be at least 3 ounces. This year, on the first night of Pesach one must use a cup that can hold at least 4.4 ounces (This is because it is Friday night and the obligation for Kiddush is Biblical).

One should drink the entire cup. If that is difficult, one can drink the majority of the cup.

It is customary to not pour one’s own cups.

Seder Night: Matzah

There is an obligation to eat matza three separate times at the seder; motzi matza,korech (Hillel’s sandwich), and for the afikomen.

The amount a person needs to eat is as follows:

Motzi Matza and Afikomen – 1/3 of a hand-made and 1/2 of a machine matza.

Korech – 1/4 of a hand-made and 1/3 of a machine matza.

One must recline when eating the matza and should try to eat each portion of matza within two minutes and at most four minutes.

Seder Night: Marror

There is an obligation to eat marror twice during the seder; once on its own and the other time in a sandwhich. The proper amount of marror to be eaten each time is one ounce worth of marror. If one is using lettuce to fulfill the mitzvah of marror, one big leaf or two stalks of lettuce suffice. One does not lean while eating marror.


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