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Laws of Shabbos #169

There are three categories of waste:

  1. Full-fledged waste in that it is not fit for consumption whatsoever. Included in this category are nut shells. These items cannot be moved.
  2. Waste that can be consumed by animals. These items can be moved.
  3. Items that one throws away but are still fit for consumption and not disgusting – according to some Poskim, one may move these items as some may still eat it.

We will discuss clearing tables and taking out the garbage in the days to come.

To catch up on a few days of missed posts: One may remove inedible waste from one’s table in an indirect fashion such as using a knife or other utensil to brush it into another utensil such as a plate. Alternatively, one may list a table cloth with the inedible waste on it and dispose of it by shaking it out.

If the waste is repulsive or embarrassing (which is entirely subjective), one would be allowed to remove the waste directly.

For this reason, if one’s garbage is full, one may take it out on Shabbos as it would be embarrassing and repulsive to have an overflowing garbage.

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