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Rabbi Yisrael “Sruli” Motzen is the synagogue’s rabbi. He is a graduate of Ner Israel Rabbinic College as well as Johns Hopkins University where he earned a Master’s of Science in Counseling.

Rabbi Motzen became the rabbi of the synagogue in 2012, only the third rabbi to serve the congregation since 1961, when the synagogue opened at its present location. Since joining the synagogue, he has introduced numerous Torah classes, youth programs, special events, and holiday programs. Join him on Shabbat for his increasingly popular sermons, which emphasize a positive and upbeat approach to Judaism. Make sure to attend his engaging Shabbat afternoon classes.

Rabbi Motzen is joined by his wife Rebbetzin Hindy Motzen who has re-energized the monthly women’s shalosh seudos, established a women’s beit medrash, and runs the very successful B’nei Mitzvah Program. The Rabbi and Rebbetzin have three children – Tehila, Shlomo, and Shira.

Below (L-R) Rabbi and Rebbetzin Motzen

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Life is sometimes too busy to find time to broaden our Torah-knowledge base. And yet, broadening our knowledge of Torah, our spiritual life-source, is too precious to let time get in the way. This blog is my idea of a compromise.
I will be posting sermons as well as the Daily Halacha – a two minute law that I teach every day after morning services. This way, whether you slept in, or are already on your way to work, you can still find time to connect to G-d through His Torah. So enjoy Ner Tamid from the comfort of your home, at a break from work, or while on the road.