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Meet the Rabbi

Rabbi Yisrael Motzen

Rabbi Yisrael Motzen is the synagogue’s rabbi. He is a graduate of Ner Israel Rabbinic College as well as Johns Hopkins University where he earned a Master’s of Science in Counseling.

Rabbi Motzen became the rabbi of the synagogue in 2012, only the third rabbi to serve the congregation since 1961, when the synagogue opened at its present location. Since joining the synagogue, he has introduced numerous Torah classes, youth programs, special events, and holiday programs. Join him on Shabbat for his increasingly popular sermons,  which emphasize a positive approach to Judaism, practical applications of the Torah’s wisdom, and an authentic look at life. Make sure to attend or listen to his many engaging classes.

Rabbi Motzen can be reached by email at yisrael.motzen@gmail.com

In addition to being a mother of five children and the Youth Prevention Program Manager for CHANA, Rebbetzin Hindy Motzen, LMSW, serves as a true partner to Rabbi Motzen in leading the congregation. She leads of variety of programs, such as the B’nei Mitzvah Program and Ner Tamid’s Second Seder, delivers classes to women, and is available to answer questions regarding family purity. She can be reached at 718-702-6077 or by email at hmozten@gmail.com.

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