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Classes, lessons, and thoughts from Rabbi Motzen.


Chumash Classes

Text-based, interactive, in-depth exploration of the book of Bereishis/ Shemos using both classical sources as well as modern commentaries. For beginners to advanced.

Shemos – Every Shabbos afternoon, 50 minutes before Mincha

Bereishis – Thursday at 11 AM (Thursday classes do not take place in the summer).

The Book of Shoftim

Text-based, interactive, in-depth exploration of the book of Judges using both classical sources as well as modern commentaries. For beginners to advanced.

Thursday evenings at 9 PM at the Motzen residence, 6008 Pimlico Rd.

Talmud and Halacha

Learn Meseches Shabbos from the text to modern day application Sunday mornings from 9:10 – 10 AM

Hilchos Taharas Mishpacha Tuesday mornings from 6:15 – 6:45 AM 


Explore the unconventional and ever-inspiring works of Rav Tzadok Hakohen and Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook.

Tzidkas Hatzadik (Rav Tzadok) – Monday through Friday immediately after morning services
Orot (Rav Kook) every Shabbos morning at 8:45 AM


Ehyeh – I will be with you Parshas Shemos

I struggle for words, I bite my tongue, I sigh from the depth of my soul, Your pain’s so deep, my words so weak, am I helping or hurting you more? My mind can’t stop racing, ideas, solutions, I am trying to not waste your time. My eloquence fails, my wisdom sails, all...

Yosef’s Nightmare – The Need for Companionship

I read an amazing story this week (shared by @ankithharathi) about a janitor named Richard Montanez. Born in Cucamonga, California, sharing a one room cinder-block hut with 14 family members. He dropped out of school in 4th grade and took odd jobs at farms and...

Show me your vaccine post!

Scrolling through Facebook this morning, I saw a post that made me chuckle: “It seems like the most common side effect of getting the COVID vaccine is inability to shut up about getting the vaccine.” Just when we finished getting bombarded with Menorah pictures, our...


Laws for Post-Tisha B’av

Usually the restrictions of the Nine Days continue through the day after Tisha B'av at midday. This year, because the day after Tisha B'av is Friday and we need to get ready for Shabbos, some of the restrictions do not apply.  One may launder, cut hair, and bathe...

Laws of Tisha B’av

On Tisha B’av one is not supposed to do anything that can be seen as joyful.The following things are therefore forbidden: – Eating and drinking (If one has any medical concerns please contact me before the fast) – Intimacy – Studying Torah that does not...

Purchasing Chameitz online during Chol Hamoed Pesach

It is of the utmost importance that people do not rush our local stores immediately after Pesach as this will cause crowding which we must avoid at all costs. In consultation with Rabbi Hopfer, head of the Baltimore Vaad HaRabbanim, he explained that one may, during...

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