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  • Licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education
  • Validated Montessori School
  • Ages 2 – 5.
    Half day with extended hours, or full day.
    Full day – 8:45am-3:30pm; extended-8:00am-5:00pm
  • Affiliated with Center for Jewish Education

Our Educational Philosophy

  • Our school’s educational philosophy is expressed in Dr. Maria Montessori’s thought and writing: The child is at the center of the school, learning and working in a framework of freedom within structure, love and limits.
  • From a Jewish perspective, our educational philosophy is reflected in The Book of Proverbs: “Educate the youngster according to his/her path.” Within these parameters, the Montessori educational experience in our school is anchored in the vision that all children are blessed with an absorbent mind ready to be awakened in the pursuit of knowledge, life skills, and character development.


Our Curriculum

  • Practical Life Skills
  • Language Arts: English & Hebrew
  • Sensorial Development
  • Mathematics
  • Parashat HaShavua
  • Chagim
  • Tefilot & Brachot
  • Art Projects
  • Geography
  • Current Events

Supplemental Instructors/Special Guests

  • Our music teacher joins each of our classes one morning per week in learning songs and in preparing for our various school performances.
  • A language specialist comes in two mornings a week to highlight pre-reading/sound awareness skills
  • Representatives of Baltimore’s Fire & Police Departments visit and demonstrate good safety practices.
  • On Career Day, parents visit and explain their jobs
  • Zoo Mobile comes and introduces the children to their traveling animals

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For additional information contact us at 410-358-6448 or [email protected].