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Zahava Klein – Ner Tamid Teen Coordinator

By: Sam Wach | August 4, 2017

What is the best way to train to be the new Ner Tamid Teen Coordinator?  Zahava Klein has grown up with shul in her blood.  She was a member of her sisterhood when she was in high school.  That is what happens when you are the Rabbi’s daughter in a mid-sized shul with a diverse population.  The Gustein family lives and breathes shul and Zahava Gustein was an active part of the team.  She spent her youth at home or in shul, Congregation Yehuda Moshe in the Lincolnwood neighborhood in Chicago.  Whenever there was a program, she was the unofficial youth director called on to “Do something for the kids”.

The youth program did not end at home where she was the third child in a family of 10 siblings.  Her family hosted Simchas Torah in the Park and an annual backyard Sukkos party.  Congregation Yehuda Moshe was her family and her family was Congregation Yehuda Moshe.  For example when they wanted to have a family Purim costume, they dressed up as the characters from Gilligan’s Island and a senior couple were included as Mr. and Mrs. Howell.

She is ready for an adventure with her family for a trip or shabbaton.  When she was young her father helped out another Chicago shul who needed a Shabbos Rabbi.  The family slept in the shul and had one the best weekends of their life.

She remembers a time when somebody important showed her that children deserve to be treated like adults.  One of the members of Congregation Yehudah Moshe is a fundraiser for the Democratic Party.  That shul member hosted a fundraising party for President Bill Clinton.  Her parents attended the fundraiser and the children stayed home, not thinking too much about what the adults were doing.  About an hour into the party, the phone rang in their home and a kind southern voice said “Hi kids. This is President Clinton. I’m glad to hear your voices. I’m having a good time with your parents. Bye now.”  She learned that children deserve respect and are people too.  She plans to bring that philosophy to encourage tweens and teens to be excited about being in shul and to bring in their friends to build a larger youth community and connection to Ner Tamid.

When she was in a post high school seminary in Israel, Darchei Binah, she met another inspirational family, the Kurlands (Rabbi Kurland serves as the head of the school).  The principal lived on Campus, which became her home away from home.   Watching their involvement in the lives of their students and their desire to develop a connection with every person who walked through their front door, sparked the realization that she wanted to be able to do the same. She knew that she wanted to be involved in her community.

She met her husband at a YACHAD Shabbaton in Chicago.  He was a last minute replacement for a staff member who had an emergency.  They did not get the hint, so Hashem put them together for another YACHAD event.  This time she met her future in-laws, brother-in-law Netanel (who is a Ner Tamid regular) and her future husband Ezri again.  Again shul and working with others was a major part of making her who she is today.

The Klein family is Zahava, Ezri and their 2 sons, Shai (Yishaya Meyer) 3.5 years old and Shua (Yehoshua Asaf) 1.5 years old.

She loves her life in Baltimore because of how friendly the people are, and we know that Ner Tamid is going to give her an extra special greeting.  She is excited to be working at a shul, which reminds her of her childhood shul.

To get in touch with her, shoot her an email at [email protected].

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Ner Tamid YACHAD Backyard Water Fun

By: Sam Wach | July 26, 2017

1 – 12 grade welcome!
Deadline September 6.
$8 fee refunded with at least $20 sponsors.
Sponsorship supports YACHAD & NT Youth.
2720 Hanson Avenue.
Expect to get wet! No swim clothing!

Register HERE!

Sponsor students HERE!

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High Holiday Youth Program

By: Sam Wach | July 21, 2017

Baby Sitting (1 – 2 Years) [Group 1] Please bring your own diapers, wipes and baby’s favorite snacks.

Game Rooms and Junior Congregations (Experienced teacher, holiday theme, songs, stories, etc.)

Pre-School (3 – 6 Years) [Group 2]

Elementary (6 – 11 Years)  [Group 3] Participants must not have turned 12 before 9/1/2017

Name Tags:  All participants will be issued name tags with the parent and child’s name.

Identification: Parents may be asked to show their ticket to pick up children.

Registration:  All participants must be registered.

Refreshments: (Groups 2 & 3) Snacks and sandwiches will be provided.  (Sandwiches only Yom Kippur)


Per Child Family Max (immediate family
All Days Single Holiday * All Days Single Holiday *
Member $70 $40 $180 $100
Non-Member $90 $50 $250 $140

* The single holiday price is either for both days of Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur.

An additional $20 fee will be assessed for registering after the September 5, 2017 deadline.

Register with  credit_card_logos_8  HERE

To volunteer or for questions and  comments, please contact Sam Wach 410-764-6241 or [email protected]

All participants must be registered with an adult registration, in order to attend any portion of the program.

To Register past the deadline, contact Samson Wach [email protected]


Group Times
Baby-Sitting 10 am – 2 pm
Pre-School and Elementary 10 – 11 am (Games)
11 am – 12:30 pm (Jr. Congregation)
12:30 – 2 pm (Games)

On Yom Kippur during Kol Nidrei & Neila there will be game rooms for 1 year old and up.



All children will be expected to either be in one of the supervised areas or with parent in their service.  CHILDREN WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ROAM THE HALLWAYS.

For security reasons, please do not allow your children to play outside the building without adult supervision.  The synagogue cannot take responsibility for children who leave the building.

Parents of children not pre-registered will be billed after the holidays.

Older siblings will not be allowed in the baby sitting room.

Food in the baby sitting room is for registered children only.

No food is allowed to be brought in from the outside to any room in the building.  The adult supervisors of each room are the only people who can serve the food.  (Baby bottles are an exception).

Please label anything brought for a child (I.e. bottles, diaper bags, cups, bibs, etc.)

Only healthy children will be allowed in baby-sitting.  Please do not bring your child if they are exhibiting any symptoms of illness.

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Youth Shabbos June 3, 2017

By: Sam Wach | May 4, 2017

For just $36 (of course we will take more) you can join in sponsoring the additional yummy food to help make the Youth Shabbos in honor of our children’s celebration. MasterCard/Visa    
The deadline for submitting graduate and sponsorship is Tuesday June 3, 2017. Note: Due to Shavuos we may not be able to accommodate after deadline graduate names and sponsors.

This year’s Youth Shabbos will be in honor of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.

For more information contact the Youth Director Sam Wach 410-764-6241 [email protected]
Ner Tamid will be wishing a Mazal Tov to our Youthful graduates at the youth shabbos. If you would like to include a graduate, please register below.

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Ner Tamid Youth Board Election 2017- 2018

By: Sam Wach | April 4, 2017

As of May 1, 2017 the candidates are:

  • President: Zachary Lewin and Tova Drebin
  • Programming: Miriam Schwartz

All elected officers must be active participants in Tween Minyan or Shmuz and Snack @ Ner Tamid.

Open to Youth Group participants in 4th grade and older in the 2017 – 2018 school year.

Deadline to apply to run for office is May 16, 2017.

Apply HERE!

Offices Key Responsibilities
President Coordinate board.
Vice President Assist President.
Programming Chairperson Selecting events, event planning and coordination
Publications Chairperson Newsletter, yearbook, scrapbook, and flyers
Communications Chairperson Phone squad, mailings, and distribution of publicity
Chesed Chairperson Projects to help others
Treasurer Fund Raising and charity coordination

Voting will be held on Shabbos May 20, 2017.

For more details contact Samson Wach, 410-764-6241, 6212 Greenspring Avenue, Baltimore, MD   21209, [email protected]

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Cub Scout Pack 1299 Spring 2017 Camping trip

By: Sam Wach | March 28, 2017

Sunday May 7, 2017 2 – 3 PM to Monday May 8, 2017 2 PM

Early bird $20 per person before April 7

After April 7 $25 per person

Deadline is April 20.

Broad Creek campgrounds, 1929 Susquehanna Road

For information:

Rivka Trapp Cubmaster [email protected]

Sam Wach Ner Tamid Youth Director [email protected]

Please register online

Important information:

1) Please let us know if you can help bring gear back to or from the event.

2) At least one parent must come on the trip for a student to participate.

3) Families bring tents; if necessary, the troop has a limited supply to lend.

4) Please let us know about special considerations, such as your needing to leave early Monday or special dietary requirements.

5) Pack light and include sleeping bag or blankets, water bottle, flashlight, clothing for Monday, PJs, extra socks, and closed toe shoes only. Prepare for cool nights and weather, bring rain gear, jacket etc.  Only boys with tot’um chip (Webelos & Bears) may have pocketknives.

6) We will need some volunteers to come early to help set up etc.


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Pesach Car Vac Troop 1299 April 2, 2017

By: Sam Wach | March 7, 2017

Boy Scout Troop 1299 Spring Fundraiser

Supporting Boys to go to Summer Camp

Pre Pesach CAR VAC

Sunday April 2, 2017

9 AM to 4 PM by reservation

Location: Ner Tamid Parking Lot

$20 (car), $25 (mini van), $30 (full sized van)

 Register HERE


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Girl Scout Shabbos 2017

By: Sam Wach | March 3, 2017

Girl Scout Shabbos at Ner Tamid is March 18, 2017.  The girls of our shul troops will be joining us for Shabbos and will be enjoying a Shabbos meal together.  They have camped in cabins in the woods twice this year for Shabbos, so this will be a chance for them to be together in the community.

The lunch is open to troop leaders and participants and their families.  The cost is $10 per person and $35 family max.  Payment must be made prior to the lunch by check or cash.

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Cocoa & Mishnayos

By: Sam Wach | January 11, 2017

Warm up your Shabbos morning

Learning Mishnayos Moed Katan

Students who are regular attendees will be invited to a siyum @ Dougies

Every Shabbos 10 am Classroom 9

Register HERE!


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Shabbos Science Party

By: Sam Wach | December 30, 2016

Shabbos morning during groups, have fun and learn at the Shomer Shabbos Science Party.

January 21, 2017

Groups begin 10:15 am.


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