Lubawitz Nusach Ari

Ner Tamid Cemetery

It is an ancient Jewish custom to purchase a gravesite during one’s lifetime and to own it outright prior to the time of burial.


Ner Tamid Synagogue operates the Lubawitz Nusach Ari/Ner Tamid Cemetery, a 4-acre site in the Rosedale area in NE Baltimore County. Our section is one part of a larger grouping of Jewish cemeteries located off of Hamilton Avenue. Its operations, such as landscaping or snow removal, are managed by the United Hebrew Cemetery Corporation of Rosedale.

Advance planning allows you to decide ahead of time what your wishes are for burial, which makes things much easier on your family or others involved in end-of-life decisions. It is a “gift” you are giving to those who care about you and allows them to grieve with greater presence and less distraction.

If having a number of consecutive plots reserved for one’s family or extended family is important to you, then making these pre-need arrangements will offer this peace of mind. By purchasing plots, you also insure that there will not be worries over finances for these arrangements.

There are no specific regulations for what type of monuments or markers may be used. The cemetery consists mostly of single or double headstones as well as granite markers.

In the event that purchasers move away and wish to sell their plots, we will not refund any payments. However, owners may sell or gift their plots to others of the Jewish faith. We ask to be notified of any such changes in order to issue new deeds to these plots and record the new data.

The current pricing structure for each plot is as follows:
  • Shul Members – $800
  • Non-Shul Members – $900

The cemetery address is 6300 Hamilton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21237.

We encourage you to visit the cemetery if you are interested in choosing the location of plots.

For further information, please contact our cemetery representative, Abby Sattell, at 443.622.7454 or by email at