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Under the guidance of youth director Rabbi Sam Wach, Ner Tamid provides a wide range of programs for pre-school – high school students.Sam Wach

Adult Staff and Volunteers

The Youth program is lead and guided by the groups staff and adult youth comittee.

Groups Staff

Tiny Tots: Margalit Tiede

Gan (Nursery – Kindergarten): Rachel Shar

Junior Minyan (1 – 2 Grades): Orit Gnatt

Tween Minyan (3 – 6 Grades): Daniel Fialkoff

Teen Director: Max Shapiro

Adult Youth Comittee

Rachelle Smith-Maine Chair

Deborah Hamburger

Tikvah Womak

For information about Youth programming contact Rabbi Samson Wach at 410-764-6241 or [email protected].