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Classes, lessons, and thoughts from Rabbi Motzen.


Tanach Class

Text-based, interactive, in-depth exploration of the books of Tanach using both classical sources as well as modern commentaries.  For beginners to advanced. Currently studying the Book of Vayikra.  Starting the Book of Yeshayah (Isaiah) in October 2021.

Every Shabbos afternoon.  See shul bulletin for times. 

Parsha Class

Weekly parsha class, exploring the major themes of every Parsha and its relevance to our daily living. 

Thursday’s at 9:30 AM.  On break and continuing in October 2021.

Semichas Chaver Program

In-depth study of pertinent Halachos, with tests, and certification upon completion.  For men.  Registration is required.  Please contact Rabbi Motzen at [email protected] 

Thursday’s at 8:45 PM 

Lunch Break


Fifteen minutes of inspiration with Rabbi Motzen.  Monday’s – Personal Growth through Alei Shur.  Wednesday’s – Frequently Asked Halachic Questions.  Thursday’s – Chassidic Thought. 

Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s at 12:45 PM.

Streamed on Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/sruli.motzen 


Faux Vulnerability Kol Nidrei Message

It was a Friday night, in a little shtetl in Eastern Europe. A number of teenage boys were roaming the streets after their Shabbos meal. Teenage boys being teenage boys, they got bored and decided to push some boundaries. Despite it being Shabbos, they decided to go...

Creative Change Rosh Hashana Day Two

I was young (younger?), single, living here in Baltimore. I was expected to start dating like many of my friends. It was assumed that I would continue studying at Ner Israel and start taking night classes at the master’s program I was accepted to at Johns Hopkins. But...

We Are ONE Rosh Hashana Day One

I’d like to begin with a little poll: Chocolate or vanilla? Which taste do you like better? Music from the 80’s, 90’s, or the past two decades? Spicy food or sweet food? Modern art or renaissance art? Thank you to all those who participated. I wasn’t keeping track of...


Laws of Lulav and Esrog

Who can think of Sukkos? We haven’t even celebrated Rosh Hashana! The Talmud instructs us to study the laws pertaining to a holiday 30 days before the holiday. It’s less than 30 days to Sukkos and the laws of Lulav and Esrog are complicated and many. So let’s begin!...

Laws of the Sukkah

A few Halachos pertaining to building a Sukkah: - One must first build the walls and then place the s’chach. Placing the s’chach first and then building the walls would invalidate the Sukkah. - One must make sure there is no overhang (roof, leaves, etc.) over the...

Laws of Tisha B’av

The following activities are forbidden on Tisha B’av:  – Eating and drinking (If one has any medical concerns please contact me before the fast) – Intimacy – Studying Torah that does not pertain to Tisha B’av – Washing oneself in any way. This includes a...

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