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Learning Center

Classes, lessons, and thoughts from Rabbi Motzen.


Yeshaya Class

Text-based, interactive, in-depth exploration of the books of Tanach using both classical sources as well as modern commentaries.  For beginners to advanced. Currently studying the Book of Yeshaya (Isaiah).  

Every Shabbos afternoon.  See shul bulletin for times. 

Understanding Rabbinic Judaism

Weekly class, studying the classic text, be’er hagolah, by the maharal, and gaining a better appreciation of rabbinic judaism

Thursday’s at 11:00 AM in the Chapel. 

Semichas Chaver Program

In-depth study of pertinent Halachos, with tests, and certification upon completion.  For men.  Registration is required.  Please contact Rabbi Motzen at yisrael.motzen@gmail.com. 

Thursday’s at 8:30 PM 

Women's Halacha Class


Currently learning about the Kosher Kitchen.

An in-depth source-based Halacha class for women.  

From the Talmud through the Shulchan Aruch through the modern authorities.

Sundays at 8:30 AM 


Yaakov’s Nightmare Parshas Vayeitzei

Sigmund Freud was a lousy scientist. Most of his theories were unscientific postulations that painted every human being as a… sicko. But one thing he did get right is the interface between our subconscious and our dreams. There’s a lot going on up here right now that...

What do you want to be when you grow up? Parshas Toldos

What do you want to be when you grow up? …is a question I ask boys and girls before their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. But really, as I heard Rabbi Moshe Hauer point out at a recent lecture, it’s a question I should be asking all of you, all of us adults. When was the last...

Those Who Choose to Stay Parshas Chayei Sarah

There is a video on YouTube called the Awareness Test. It begins with a group of people standing around, and a voiceover asking you to count how many times the ball will be passed from one person to another. And then they start passing the ball. They’re moving quickly...


Laws of the Three Weeks and Nine Days 2022

The Three Weeks of Mourning begin Saturday evening, July 16th. It is a time of mournful reflection on the destroyed Bais HaMikdash and subsequent tragedies. In order to instill within ourselves a sense of loss, our Sages instituted numerous restrictions to create a...

Laws of Lulav and Esrog

Who can think of Sukkos? We haven’t even celebrated Rosh Hashana! The Talmud instructs us to study the laws pertaining to a holiday 30 days before the holiday. It’s less than 30 days to Sukkos and the laws of Lulav and Esrog are complicated and many. So let’s begin!...

Laws of the Sukkah

A few Halachos pertaining to building a Sukkah: - One must first build the walls and then place the s’chach. Placing the s’chach first and then building the walls would invalidate the Sukkah. - One must make sure there is no overhang (roof, leaves, etc.) over the...