Learning Center

Classes, lessons, and thoughts from Rabbi Motzen.


Yeshaya Class

Text-based, interactive, in-depth exploration of the books of Tanach using both classical sources as well as modern commentaries.  For beginners to advanced. Currently studying the Book of Yeshaya (Isaiah).  

Every Shabbos afternoon.  See shul bulletin for times. 

Parsha Class

Weekly parsha class, exploring the major themes of every Parsha and its relevance to our daily living. 

Thursday’s at 11:00 AM in the Chapel. 

Semichas Chaver Program

In-depth study of pertinent Halachos, with tests, and certification upon completion.  For men.  Registration is required.  Please contact Rabbi Motzen at yisrael.motzen@gmail.com. 

Thursday’s at 8:30 PM 

Women's Halacha Class


An in-depth source-based Halacha class for women.  

From the Talmud through the Shulchan Aruch through the modern authorities.

Sundays at 8:30 AM 


When G-d says, Get Out! Parshas Shlach

Have you ever noticed the logo of the Israeli tourist ministry? It is two men carrying a huge cluster of grapes. You know, the spies from this week’s parsha who carry the fruit back to the Jewish People, then share a slanderous report about the land of Israel, using...

Lessons from Moshe’s Burnout Parshas Beha’alos’cha

Burnout is defined as, ‘Physical, emotional or mental exhaustion, accompanied by decreased motivation, lowered performance and negative attitudes towards oneself and others.’ Who here has ever experienced burnout?   In the past 24 hours, the following news items...

No Strings Attached Shavuos Yizkor

A few weeks ago, a couple in New Delhi, India, sued their own son and daughter-in-law. The reason? These parents had spent their life savings to have their son trained as a pilot in the United States, they financed his lavish wedding in India, they paid for his luxury...


Laws of Lulav and Esrog

Who can think of Sukkos? We haven’t even celebrated Rosh Hashana! The Talmud instructs us to study the laws pertaining to a holiday 30 days before the holiday. It’s less than 30 days to Sukkos and the laws of Lulav and Esrog are complicated and many. So let’s begin!...

Laws of the Sukkah

A few Halachos pertaining to building a Sukkah: - One must first build the walls and then place the s’chach. Placing the s’chach first and then building the walls would invalidate the Sukkah. - One must make sure there is no overhang (roof, leaves, etc.) over the...

Laws of Tisha B’av

The following activities are forbidden on Tisha B’av:  – Eating and drinking (If one has any medical concerns please contact me before the fast) – Intimacy – Studying Torah that does not pertain to Tisha B’av – Washing oneself in any way. This includes a...