Looking for fake watch a replica Rolex watch? Don’t Sit in your Old Seat! – a message from G-d | Ner Tamid
As you read your newsfeed, and start to plan ahead,
For phases and stages, with safety and health,
I have one request before the buildings are full,
Please don’t go back to your old seat in shul.
I closed My shul doors, because I felt too confined,
I hoped that you’d look up and find Me outside.
Living room prayers, with children, and wives,
Singing and dancing, now tefila’s alive.
I had you reach out to the old and the ill,
You ensured they had food, prescriptions you filled.
But My goal was far deeper, I was breaking the chains,
Of constricted social circles to those of your age.
I made you say no to those needing a meal.
A seder alone was truly surreal.
But it’s not just on Pesach they’re feeling this way,
Invisible and miserable is so often their fate.
“V’shinantam l’vanecha” for too long you outsourced.
So I brought the kids home, and to teach you were forced.
Conjugation, formulation, you’re missing the point,
What they need from you is unconditional, love and support.
I’m excited as you are for Shabbos tables with friends,
Of bustling stores, of jobs, and good health,
But please don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned,
And don’t just go back – to your old seat in shul.