One of the most moving parts of Rosh Hashana is the reading of Akeidas Yitzchak, the binding of Isaac. Though we are not given insight into his inner state, we can only imagine the turmoil raging inside of Avraham as he obeys G-d’s command. The most dramatic moment takes place with Avraham’s hand raised, about to slaughter his beloved son, and then – the angel cries out, “Stop!” 

Avraham is informed that he is not to slaughter his son but he must now find a substitute, an animal offering to bring in his stead. He looks up and he sees a ram struggling in the thicket. The ram is stuck and trying desperately to get free. 

What the ram does not realize is that he is not stuck at all. Our Sages beautifully make this point by saying that this ram was prepared from the six days of creation. What they mean to say is that the ram may have thought he was stuck but he was exactly where he needed to be. This ram had a great mission to fulfill, an offering that would change the course of history. The ram was not stuck at all; he just did not realize what he was meant to do. 

Many of you feel stuck at home. It’s a terrible feeling and I cannot begin to imagine what it’s like. For many of you, you’ve been stuck at home for months now, with limited human contact. It’s a lot to bear. 

Perhaps we can be inspired by the ram to know that we are never stuck. That each situation is an opportunity to grow and to accomplish. That even when we cannot change the situation, our acceptance of the situation IS the accomplishment. 

For each of you being at home has its own challenges. The single parent with their children is challenged to remain calm and to inject the day with meaning. The individual who is on their own is challenged to not be overwhelmed by loneliness. Those are challenges of great magnitude and I pray that Hashem gives you the strength to overcome them. 

Please remember, as you find yourself in these situations, though it may feel like it, you are not stuck. You are never stuck. You are exactly where you need to be.