Looking for fake watch a replica Rolex watch? The Simple Joy of the Torah – a poem | Ner Tamid

No tug of war over the Torah, aren’t women just the same?

No declining the l’chaims, sobriety can be maintained. 

                       Simchas Torah – the simple joy of the Torah 

No tears shed over Nearim, eggs frozen in a lab, 

Will I ever be a mother, will he ever be a dad?

                       Simchas Torah – the simple joy of the Torah 

No slinking in your seat as the bidding gets too high, 

I can barely pay my bills, but the sixth hakafah I should buy?!

                   Simchas Torah – the simple joy of the Torah 

No social scene that isn’t social for those who don’t fit in, 

We will come, we will daven, we will smile, we will sing, for 

                   Simchas Torah – the simple joy of the Torah 

This year will be quite different from anything before, 

Though we pray for it all to end,  of *this* we can use just a little bit more 

                  Simchas Torah – the simple joy of the Torah

ואיש לא יעלה עמך. הָרִאשׁוֹנוֹת עַ”יְ שֶׁהָיוּ בִתְשׁוּאוֹת וְקוֹלוֹת וּקְהִלּוֹת, שָׁלְטָה בָהֶן עַיִן רָעָה – אֵין לְךָ יָפֶה מִן הַצְּנִיעוּת

And no man should go up with you (in receiving the second set of tablets): the first (tablets) since they were (given) with loud noises and great multitudes were impacted by the evil eye – there is nothing more beautiful than tzniut (modesty-simplicity) 

(Rashi, Shemos, 34:3 quoting Medrash Tanchuma, 3:9:31)